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Functional Mixes

Functional Mixes or Tamix belongs to a wide range of exclusive products that TaglerFood has been developed thru years constantly perfecting them to achieve amazing results.

The concept behind the brand Tamix means that in almost every case all of the non meat ingredients needed for your recipe are in just one mix with the proper dosage and ready to be used.

Some of the advantages of these complete blends are:

  • Your final product always will be taste the same and looks the same. With the use of Tamix you don’t worry about weigh every raw material (for example, you don’t have to weight separately pepper, salt, phosphates, etc…) saving time and money and also prevent any weight error that can spoil you final product (we don’t want a ham to salty or too spicy!).
  • We keep things simples and easy for you. Forget about buying raw materials from many suppliers, with Tamix you only have buy to us and you´re done. We can even deliver you order just in time so you don’t have store product for a long time.
  • We can adjust the dosage of the Tamix for your batch production (service on request).
  • Certificated raw materials.

For every kind of recipe we have a Tamix that works perfectly and also of course we can customize Tamix according to your requirements. Contact us for more info, we will be glad to answer all your questions.