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Starter Cultures for Dairy


Starter Cultures for Dairy

Starter cultures are generally bacterial and they are used in the cheese elaboration to transform lactose sugar into lactic acid, by fermentation.

For this purpose, there are 2 groups of starters:


They can grow between 20° -35° Celsius and they are involved in the maturing and fabrication of fresh cheeses.


They develop between 35°- 50° Celsius and participate in the high temperature cheesemaking, like parmesan, provolone and Swiss. They also participate in yogurt elaboration.

Furthermore, lactic ferments can be Homo-fermentatives (producing big amounts of lactic acid, as it happens with lactobacillus lactis) or Hetero-fermentative (they just produce a reduce amount of lactic acid, but also gives aroma, flavors and cheese eyes).

Our offer includes:

Starter Type Packaging Acidification Gas Production Aroma Application Dosage
TMB Thermophiles 10 units Medium No No Semi-hard cheeses, white cheeses 10 units /2000 L
SME Mesophiles 10 units Medium- Low Yes Yes Sour cream, fresh, semi-hard cheeses, Quark 10 units/ 2000 L
TL Termophiles 10 units Medium- Fast No Yes Blue Cheeses, soft cheeses 10 units/ 2000 L
PDF Termophile 10 units Fast No No Pasta filata, stretched cheese (mozzarella) 1 unit /100-200L
PCS Termophiles 10 units Fast No Yes Hard and semi- hard cheeses 1 unit/100- 250 liter
Y0-Y9 Termophiles 10 units Very Fast Sweet Yogurt 10 units /1000 L
Starter Cultures for Dairy