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Clean Label Products (EL)

tripas naturales

The concept of a clean label respond to the word trending of consumers to seek natural foods, with none or with a very few synthetic additives, preferring natural alternatives with similar technological performances.

Every day the consumers are more inform and demand for more natural foods in their diet. However, for the food industry this has became an a huge challenge, innovating and looking for different options to elaborate process foods that stay fresh, maintain its appearance and with a reasonable price, but only using natural ingredients and by optimizing its process and by using biotechnological tools to make it.

Our R&D team has been able to design several functional mixes or Tamix without the use of synthetic additives, replacing them for natural and biotechnological ingredients, reaching excellent results and shelf life.

We invited you to know more about this blends and how to make clean label products with us.

Clean Label Products (EL)