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Viskase®, a Leader Company on Casing Production. Our New Commercial Partner.


On the path to becoming a company that provides full solutions for the Food Industry, Tagler adds a new and important business partner, the North American company with global presence Viskase®.

Viskase® like Tagler, seeks to be a true partner of its customers, focusing on their needs and on the quality and innovation of all its products. That’s why they trust in our company and we can proudly say that we are representing the full line of casing that this company produce.


With more than 90 years of history, this company provides processing and packaging solutions of food products.

From cellulose and fibrous casings to polyamide casings and from films to smoke and caramel applications for molding and press use, customers around the word rely on Viskase® as an important partner in their production and packaging process.


The introduction of VISCOAT® SMOKE MASTER® & COLOR MASTER wrappers and POLYJAX® have allowed Viskase® to bring innovative products to market, products developed to meet the demands of the industry.
We also highlight the excellent quality of printing on its cases.



Knowing the Products

viskase-pic-1For three days, we participated in Viskase® seminar in Atibaia, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, together with professionals who serve the markets of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina.

From Tagler, the following people attended: Mr. Jose Antonio Espinoza M (General Manager), Mr. Pedro Angulo (KAM), 2 Technicians specialized in stuffers (from our Technical Service Department), Mr. Reinaldo Rivera (Commercial) and Mr. Jose Antonio Espinoza S (Commercial Manager).
The seminar was dictated by the Technical Support Team of Viskase® together with its Commercial Area, in which they show to us all the technology used by this company for the elaboration of a great variety of fibrous, plastic, cellulose and curved casings. That technology allows them to offer innovative solutions, focused 100% on the efficiency of process, yields improvements and costs reductions.

The seminar concluded with a visit to the RosFrios Alimentos facilities, on which we had the opportunity to see and learn the correct functioning and proper handling of the casings.

The fact that Viskase® has facilities in Brazil, turns our offer for the Chilean market a very attractive quality/price ratio for its products.
We’re very proud and happy of this new alliance. We’re ready to work promoting this brand all over the country. For more information about products and services, do not hesitate to contact us.


Viskase®, a Leader Company on Casing Production. Our New Commercial Partner.