Quality, the basis of a successful recipe

Each product developed and manufactured in our plant is manufactured by a professional and qualified work team, backed by our own and external laboratories, which allows us to control the associated processes, guaranteeing both quality, safety and food safety all of time.

Quality Policy

Comercio Internacional Tagler SPA, is committed to a business management of continuous improvement of: our management system, the products manufactured and/or processed, the services provided, taking into account the expectations of our customers and their needs, as well as the legal requirements, regulatory and international standards voluntarily adopted by the organization, the physical integrity, health and quality of life of our workers, direct collaborators and that of other people who may be affected by their operations.


We have worked on the creation of teams based mainly on the incorporation of highly qualified professionals who can provide effective, efficient customized solutions to the needs of each client in order to provide the best service to each one of them.

We know what we do and we do what we know

“Our R&D area is focused on the need to innovate and take advantage of new technologies, as well as working on the different objectives of business growth, accessing new markets and expanding the existing offer to our customers.”

Fabiola Sepúlveda
Development Assistant Manager

Our Quality Department is responsible for the final product that our customers receive, we also adapt and apply the standards of our Quality Management System to the specific conditions of the organization, making sure to implement the criteria for its proper supervision.

Ezzio Olivieri
Quality Assistant Manager